video tips

Video Tips - How to make your video stand out

    1. Make sure we can hear you!  Use a microphone or record in a quiet room
    2. Make sure we can see you!  There should be appropriate lighting and your whole face/body within the camera frame.  Try to stand in front of a plain background.
    3. Stay focused!  Make sure the camera is in focus and not moving around.
    4. State your name and the song you are performing at the beginning of the video.
    5. Sing A Cappella.  Do not edit, cut, add music or otherwise distract from your voice.
    6. Keep it about a minute in length.  We will not post videos that are too long.  Pick the part of the song that you sing best and give it all you have got!

Once you have your video ready, read the rules and release form then upload your video.  Make sure it goes through – you will receive a confirmation notice.  All videos will be reviewed for appropriateness before being posted on the site.  Videos with profanity, nudity, inappropriate behavior or otherwise deemed unacceptable will not be posted. 

Check for your video on our Videos page once the voting phase begins.  You will be able to vote on your video and others.  Send your friends and relations to view your video and rate it.  Most viewed videos will appear in our ‘most popular’ section.   Semi finalists are selected based on votes AND judges’ selections.
Selected winners will be notified by email.

                Video Uploading Tips
All videos must be under 90 seconds in length and preferably 1 minute long. If you are having trouble uploading your video or submitting your form, contact us at We do not accept video submissions by email, they must be submitted here.

Talia Rayna